Hello My Wonderful Friends of Fido’s Gym!

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Fido’s Gym officially closed on October 15th. As you all know, this was a true labor of love. Personally, I felt that I was being pulled back to North Port to be near my family again. It’s a good thing that I moved when I did because Mom was diagnosed with a rare and serious syndrome called Guillian-Barré Syndrome. Within a week of moving, Mom was fighting for her life and paralyzed almost to her lungs. As the stubborn woman that she is, she has fought her way back to a normal life and is already home walking around and doing everything that she did before, minus driving until all feeling returns. Our family stuck together and supported one another to be there for each other through this challenging time, so thank you God for sending me back here when I was needed. Mom is a fighter and we’re so happy that she is doing amazingly well.

So, here I am in North Port living the life with my two beautiful babies. Mignonne is still ball crazy and running in circles, although now she only has her sister to bark at when she steals the ball. Beema is loving life in a house where she can relax and have fun being her. She is much more relaxed and less afraid of the world now that other dogs keep their distance. They both are enjoying daily rollerblades of 3 or 4 miles around the neighborhoods. We get a lot of funny looks and pointing when we zoom by but it’s fun and time that we all cherish just running and being FREE! I’m officially employed back at HCMS where my teaching career began. And now I’m looking to buy a house where the girls can roam free in a fenced in backyard. The gym is closed and now I have consistent pay with being back at teaching, so let’s hope that they understand all of that and give this teacher a break! KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! Although FG is behind me, I will always keep the memories close to my heart. Thank you all for so many wonderful times together.

I want to thank you all for the amazing memories and great times we have had together. Each of you has given me so many fun hours that will always be in my heart and thoughts. Please keep in touch. I’ve started a FB page “Missing Fido’s Gym” so join us! Friend me and let’s get everyone on there sharing photos of your adorable buddies having fun! You can always email me or call to keep in touch. www.fidosgym@gmail.com  😉

~Heather, Mignonne & Beema…Penny & Ricky from Above