Hello My Wonderful Friends of Fido’s Gym!

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Fido’s Gym is officially closing on October 15th. As you all know, this has been a true labor of love. Personally, I feel that I am being pulled back to North Port to be near my family again.

I want to thank you all for the amazing memories and great times we have had together. Each of you has given me so many fun hours that will always be in my heart and thoughts. Please keep in touch. I’ve started a FB page “Missing Fido’s Gym” so join us! Friend me and let’s get everyone on there sharing photos of your adorable buddies having fun! You can always email me or call to keep in touch. 😉

Until then, LET’S PARTY! Mignonne (and sometimes Beema) are ready to play with their friends. All toys & leashes & harnesses are 30% off so stock up and get ready for Christmas! Let’s have fun and play together and give these girls a great sendoff!

~Heather, Mignonne & Beema…Penny & Ricky from Above